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My Nokia 3 makes loud siren sound

I bought my new Nokia 3 online in jumai online shopping in Nigerian, it started making loud odd siren sound when I have a alert or the phone locks. Made a complain and decided to restore factory setting but it still do when the phone lock and unlocks, sometime it does when an alert comes in, I guess it a malfunction from the sound system, Nokia's support asked me to contact my seller but the seller can't seems to help out, I just hope I will be able to use my phone without being restricted from installing the Android apps on the phone to avoid getting that sound, if not the phone has lacks the purpose it was made for and has default, I guess it was a waste to got it.

Hi, I faced a similar issue a while ago with my Nokia 5 and found it to be due to the fact that the NFC reader was trying to read my bank cards... :D  It was driving me crazy. See the conversation and solution here: 

Let us know if it helps! 

OK I just saw the NFC was on, I have turn it off and I will try to turn on the screen lock sound and observe for a while if it's still gonna make the sound from time to time, thanks.
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