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I don't receive any sms after an upgrade "Android sequrity patch level 6 November 2017." at first i thought this is the problem with sim operator. but when i insert same sim in another phone then that was ok... device:nokia 3 nb: I've benn facing this problem in both sim slot's sim......

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This is because you lost your SMSC number in the update process.

To update it you need to dial :


A window will appear and in the field of SMSC empty you will write the SMSC number of your phone Operator with country prefix.Thats it all.From that moment you will be able to send and recieve SMS.

All the best !

I found solution for that Disable that existing message app and install Zero sms app from play store i tried different apps but only this Zero sms app is working fine and after installing please go into settings of battery and allow Zero sms app in white list
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