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Alarm clock is not alarming

From past one week the alarm clock is not alarming. If it is set for test it alarms. But for over night it's not alarming.

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I have same problem

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Nokia plz resolve this... Asap

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I am also facing the same problem since 3 weeks and no resolution from customer support they just provide normal troubleshooting that also not work I request Nokia to provide a powerfull resolution to resolve this problem.

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Ok so I found a solution and it worked fine for me as far as for last two days.... Open Clock App delete all the alarms that you see there active and inactive both. Now set a new alarm and make sure you DO NOT TO CHECK the "Repeat" option now it will ring the next time... Only issue with this workaround is you need to set alarm every time. Hope it will help others as well... Until the issue is actually fixed.

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I tried but not working
Same issue.. Nokia pls update
me too have a same issue plz resolve it asap.
I have the same problem. Nokia please resolve it asap.
I have got resolved this problem. All please visit Nokia support and start the "Chat" and pose this question. They tell you series of steps and follow them and the alarm problem will be solved.
Same issue with my phone

Guys most people have reported that their issue with Alarm is resolved after setting Override DND for clock app and removing battery optimization for clock app.. do try that and respond how that goes... If you don't know how to do those try goggle... as these are pretty simple steps. FYI it's working fine for me... I also had SMS issue which was resolved after I rolled back Carrier Service update.

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Where is Nokia Support this is a common issue which should be resolved without asking Google how to override DND etc...
Yes same problem here
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