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Worst Phone ever

Dear Reader, I have just purchased this Nokia 6 new handset last week. I was found of Nokia for its durability but all perceptions went for a toss. Very pathetic experience in just a week's time. 1. Handset gets very hot by using it for even 30 mints. 2. Started hanging during normal operation 3. Battery Drains very fast 4. Has network related issues 5. Has weight issues If anyone is reading this thread, please don't go for Nokia as it is not meant for Android it seems. Shortly I should right it to Obdusman team of Nokia if the issues are not resolved by Nokia team...

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I don't know about "worst phone ever", but I agree with the general sentiment: terrible experience so far, and I will be recommending that people not buy this phone.

  • Notification issues (and it goes beyond just alarms). This alone is enough to render the phone useless.
  • Chrome scrolling issue.
  • Terrible customer support, giving me useless generic answers and then telling me to return my phone for what is obviously a software issue (which they were too lazy to try replicating).
  • Low quality speaker (distorts most notification sounds).
  • Low quality headphone port.
  • Poor quality control such as off-centre USB ports, and TEN bright pixels on one of my unit's screen.

This is all very disappointing because the body of the phone is well built and possibly the most attractive design available.

I don't know what you mean by "weight issues". I think the phone is nice and light considering how rigid it is.

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