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Introducing our Tech Wizards and Community Heroes!


As our community grows and starts to find its feet, we wanted to take a moment to give a special shout out to some important people that have helped us get this far. 

Thanks to their excellent troubleshooting abilities and readiness to offer a helping hand, hpholm and Nishanth are the first to obtain the rank of Tech Wizard

As of 6th of March Wilson Shrestha has been granted the rank of Tech Wizard for excellent contribution and willingness to help others especially with beta labs related queries.

We also want to reward great community spirit. That’s why we’ve named madbilly as our first Community Hero, as a thank you for always striving to make this community a great place for everyone.


We want to keep acknowledging and rewarding great input whenever we see it, so do help us identify these people by using the Mark Answer feature. You can also let us know in Site Feedback if you feel someone is making a positive contribution that deserves to be noted - whether it’s with their community spirit, technical expertise, or something else.


Thanks to our Wizards and Heroes, and everyone else that has made this community what it is today!



Tech Wizard

As someone who regularly helps others with their tech problems, our tech wizards are the cornerstone of this community.


Community Hero

Someone who shows great community spirit, and makes a real contribution with valuable feedback and a positive attitude. Our community heroes are the glue that keeps this community together. 


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Congratulations to all of you, you really deserve it. Let us make this forum the best in the Nokia world :)

I am convinced many many people here also has great and will but do not have the chance or time to answer more quickly due to their jobs...or me...I love the nokia brand but not always have the chance I wish :)

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Tech Wizard

Thank you @Mobile CR and congratulation to all of the community members who have participated and contributed in Nokia Forum.

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Community Hero

@Mobile CR, you've made great contributions to this site and I really hope you can find more time to participate. Personally I struggle to find time to join in the discussions - the past few months I've only been on the forum a handful of times. I feel lucky to have this "Community Hero" tag, I'm not entirely sure I deserve it, especially when so many others make greater contributions to the cohesion and spirit of the community.

I look forward to the forum growing more over the coming year and my own contribution becoming insignificant as the voices of others become stronger.

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How can I join the tech team?

Community Hero

Hi Akash! Everyone is welcome to help other Nokia fans with their technical problems, so if you see a topic about a problem you can fix them lease help as much as you can! The Tech Wizard badges are given to those people who help others the most, add far as I know. Welcome to the company and have a great time :)

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Thanks a lot Madbilly,  I will be helping users for sure. 

Community Hero

Hi Laura,

I've seen more and more people helping out others, are you planning on naming any more tech wizards and community heroes?

Cheers :)

Is there any hope for bug reporters?? I've been facing bugs all time, reporting it here, hoping that some technical ones (heroes) who can really deal with this and provide updates will hear my problems (as i spend money for a premium device.)

Community Hero

@Kiranzzz512, do you mean an easy way to report bugs? I think the best way is either to chat or email HMD directly.

Ok madbilly, how to do that?
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