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Revert back to Nougat from Oreo?

Hi all

After installing Oreo via OTA update, I now want to revert back to Nougat because the support for Myanmar (Zaw Gyi) language has stopped working and there doesn't appear to be a solution for it. I've already contacted Nokia Support and raised a ticket with them and they replied that they'll look into fixing it asap.

In the mean time, I want to roll back to official 7.1.1. with 1 Nov 2017 Security Update (the last version I had before Oreo arrived). Is this possible? I've installed custom ROMs on my previous Android phone (Nexus 6) so I'm familiar with the process. But, I just have this Nokia 8 for less than 2 months and I want to be able to receive official 8.0.x or 8.1.x later on with the fix for Myanmar language is complete.

Any pointers will be much appreciated. 


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Hi! Thanks for raising this with our support agents. If you would like to roll back in the meantime, you can go to a care center near you and ask them to do it for you. Or, if you bought your phone in Europe, simply take your phone to the retailer/operator you bought your phone from. 

Have a wonderful day!


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