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Am I the only one with no Oreo in the UK?

Ok guys it's been well over a week since oreo went live and I still have no update. Are there any other UK folks out there in the same boat?? The last thing I want to do is reset my phone just to update.

Best Answer
After exchanging my faulty Nokia 8, the replacement wouldn't update to Oreo. I'll admit I was skeptical of the Nord VPN trick (although I could see why it may work). Anyway I tried using Nord VPN with the new device, and now the Oreo update is working. Thanks Rob

Just updated my TA-1012 to Oreo as follows using factory reset and removing the sim card:

- Power off

- Remove SIM tray

- Power On

- Factory Reset

- Phone will reboot when finished

- If prompted for a SIM card, skip it

- Check for updates from the Cloud

- Let Oreo download and install; the phone may reboot during this process

- Once it has rebooted and fully installed, the Setup process will start again.

- When prompted for the SIM card, insert it.

I may have missed a step or two, but I am sure you get the general idea.

I am with you, seriously not going to reset my phone - never had to do this for any other phone previously - just to get a firmware update.

Even with the backup and restore, it still takes time getting everything back to the way it was - especially for work related apps - need to contact Tech Support in order to install/configure work related apps.

Tried the removing SIM and restarting business - did not work.

Tried a different SIM and still did not work.

Come on Nokia - sort it out. Or at least give us a way of doing it via USB!

Thanks CD17 for the guide, I'm sure it works perfectly, but I'm with remuallan on this. It should not be necessary wipe your entire phone just to update to the latest OS version. Nokia have messed this up big time and what's worse they remain tight lipped about it.
I still haven't received the update either....WTF !? Just for info I'm on GiffGaff so OS has assumed I'm on O2 (incase you're all on 'O2' also !?) This seriously needs sorting out...only just got my October and November security Patch today !!!! Seriously !? C'mon Nokia ! The phone is MINT ! Don't let it down with poor support !

I have got the Nokia 8 dual sim blue. I recently also had this issue, from what I've learned this is related to your mobile provider. I have got Vodafone and KPN from NL, whatever I tried Vodafone didn't give me the new system update but after I switched it to KPN, by making it the preferred sim I immediately received the new system update.

I suggest to contact your mobile provider for a solution or temponary use a sim with a different mobile provider from your friends.

I'm beginning to wonder if the Network providers are having some influence on this. I'm with Vodafone just for the record. I don't see why they should have any influence on when a patch or an OS update is released for a SIM free phone, regardless of whether or not I use their services. I could understand if the phone was branded and locked to the provider, but it most cases, including mine, it's not.
Yeah, that's what I thought (hence specifying my network) but like you it's a SIM free phone which for some stupid reason has locked itself on to O2 (can't even change my voicemail number unless I put another SIM in) Take back the power NOKIA screw the network providers and their custom firmware...it's SOOOOOOO 2001 ! Why should a network I'm not even part of dictate when I get my updates !?
Completely agree KRASTA. Most manufactures push their updates to SIM free devices first and then allow Network providers to make customisations to the firmware for their own network specific devices. In this instance Nokia don't seem to have made that differentiation. What concerns me now is whether or not there will be any Vodafone bloatware installed on my phone when I finally receive the update. I won't be too happy if that's the case. I didn't buy a SIM free device to be force fed garbage from Vodafone. This needs to be sorted out.

Hi mcdona922 - I too have a SIM free phone using a Vodafone (UK) SIM card. Rest assured that after I upgraded, I did not receive any bloatware from Vodafone. My factory reset was done through the frustration of waiting and waiting and not getting any updates from Nokia. Took about 90 minutes in total. Not impressed with the silence from Nokia on this topic.I am not convinced this is a network issue as I also tried the basic removal of the sim card and rebooting. Unfortunately that did not work, hence the factory reset. (Agreed that is not the best solution!).

I've tried the factory reset option above and still no Oreo. What a complete waste of my time.
Thanks CD17. I might give it a go over weekend. Customer services had me removing the SIM card and deleting carrier services, but no joy. Got to wonder why they are making such suggestions if Networks provider settings have nothing to do with it? Just wish they would give us the official take on this.

Bought a unlocked Nokia 8 yesterday in France.

No oreo. 

Contacted the chat support this morning and they BS me that it's google's fault since they "didn't update the android kernel for the nokia 8 yet". 

I don't know yet if i'll keep the phone or return it. 

Apart from that issue, i like it, but it's obvious the "pure up to date android" is a lie so far. Also the support telling me nosense has made me lose a lot of the faith i had in nokia/hmd global.

Yeah I've had similar responses from the Offshore support team too. To be honest I'm not that surprised. The minute any company uses an "off shore" team, you just know what kind of response you are going to get. Farcical, scripted nonsense.
When will Oreo be released that works on TA-2012 in the United Kingdom. Many SIM free purchasers in UK have this problem. Just been told it's UK operators that are the problem and Google has not compiled Oreo for Nokia 8. Right now I feel like exchanging this phone due to Nokia incompetence.
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