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No LED, what?

Had Nokia 6 for 1 week after switching from Samsung Note...wanted a change...silly me. I heavily rely on calendar notifications and now get a meak brrrr and black screen instead of my previous flashing alert plastered all over my lock screen until I dismiss it or the end of the set notification occurs. A major functionality missing here not to mention a little light of joy to let me know someone has made contact. Would never have purchased this if I had known bad....should have done my research properly. Tried numerous Apps none of use will read comments on this subject to see if they help. Nokia shame on you were my first phone ever back in the days of the slidy cool it was featured in the! Keep up and light up my phone!

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Right? What was in their heads when they removed the notification LED from certain versions of this phone? (some Nokia 6s do have them)

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