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Please add reboot to recovery in Dev options and the ability to download the latest OS and install from local drive from phone. Also a Nokia communities app would be great .

Fully agree with the download OS bit...

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 +1 here as well. There needs to be a way to restore it completely to factory firmware, like how google releases factory images for its Nexus and Pixel lines for use through ADB, or how other manufacturers like Huawei allow restore from SD card etc.

I find the inbuilt factory reset method not alway reliable... To my understanding all it does is wipe the relevant partitions, whilst rest stays as is.

What happens if the problem is in the other partitions?

Love Nokia but oneplus have it right allowing to easily get recovery mode from rebooting and the ability to download latest version of the OS move it to local on the phone drive then about, software update them local. Job done easy peasy
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