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Notifications with JUST vibration, no sound?

Bought a Nokia 3 last week to replace the dead Lumia series (RIP Windows Phone OS), and I can't seem to get notifications to shut up and just vibrate, like I could with my old Lumia (And the Honor 5 I am using at work)

I just want to be able to make everything that isn't a text message to stop playing sounds and just vibrate politely. The sound is driving me nuts, and the thought of missing important mails is... also not optimal.

Help? :)

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Hi,there!Its very simple to enable it.

Just install Tiles.apk and you can add Touch sound tile on the drop down menu after enter in Edit mode(the little pen near userphoto).

Thats it !

All the best !

I.... don't see how that helps me select which notifications get to use sound, and which are restricted to use vibration? Judging by the app's description. :)

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