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Rollback from update

Do you know how to roll back from version 7.1.2 to 7.1.1, if yes , Please let me know it... In 7.1.2 it is very difficult to have that much of patience.... Because alram is not working and background app management is very very poor..... Better to rollback to 7.1.1 until the December update.... If any one know please let me know....... Please....

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Unfortunately there is no way to officially roll back to 7.1.1 . If you have some problems with your phone firstly check what apps you use and be sure that those apps didn't slow down your phone, you could also try an hard reset, maybe that will fix your problems, but be aware you will lose your data doing that. If hard reset didn't help then I'll recommend you to send your phone to an authorized service ,where your warranty is accepted. I use Nokia 6 too but I don't have your issues, and I'm running 7.1.2.
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