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Not receiving SMS

Hi Team I am not getting any messages to my mobile especially from banks and other otps pls take look into this.

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I am also facing same issue and alarm is also not alarming

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Tech Wizard

Hi Ibraheem,

In the dialer app > Menu > Settings > Call blocking = please check what is added to the blocking list? The settings here also affect text messages.

I also disabled 'Caller-ID and spam' in these settings (privacy concerns)

One Time Passwords, bank messages, dentist appointment confirmations etc. are technically sent as anonymous messages. If you installed a third-party call blocker then please check its settings.

Does this help?

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 Hi hpholm,

haven't used any third party call blocker related apps.

There are no blocked contacts, all contacts are white listed.

After applying the latest security patch update from nokia. not receiving any messages.

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Tech Wizard

There is a similar post in Nokia 5 discussion forum.

Check if you have an update on play store for the Carrier services and alternatively try Pulse / Textra, 3rd party messaging applications. I switched as I felt the default Android Messages application was the issue. 

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I am also facing the same problem. After applying the latest security patch update from nokia. not receiving messages properly

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3rd party messaging apps and clearing caches do not solve the problem, all the proposed fixes the customer care team gave me did not work. Nokia has no fix after a month, it seems as if they really just don't care at this point

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Tech Wizard

Android Messages, Carrier Services, Contacts and other standard apps in Nokia branded Android phones are developed and maintained by Google LLC.
(You are barking up the wrong tree).

Please make sure all apps are updated to their latest versions in the Play Store.
There are several Gigabytes of other updates before and after Android 7.1.2.

If you developer unlocked and modified the phone OS and settings, or installed apps from unofficial sources, then please consider a factory reset and do a fresh start without restoring a backup. Next enter your Google account and apply any further updates before adding third-party apps or modifying the standard settings.

Please keep in mind One Time Passwords, bank messages and more are often sent from withheld numbers. And if you previously used an iPhone then iMessage must be deregistered in your Apple account ... to receive texts from iPhone users.

My TA-1021 Nokia 6 works as expected regarding phone calls and messages since I bought it 6 months ago.


Not getting any message from past 10 days.
Add me to this list. 2 weeks ago my text and mms are intermittently not working. Frustrating
Same here. But after restart it will work for some time. And I also observed that automatic OTP reader from few apps will read OTP messages(don't know how) without messages receive notification. Seriously you guys have to fix this to keep the trust.

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Having the same problem.. Nokia, please work with Google and atleast provide some work around or temp fixes. Restarting phone is working for some time. But we can't restart the phone each time to get OTPs or messages.

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I am using NOKIA6, After NOV monthly security update, we are facing this issue. Even NOKIA support team doesn't have proper info about the fix and ETA. Try this work around: disable and force stop the default 'messages' app and download any third party sms app ( I am using 'sms organizer' app of Microsoft) and make this as a defult message app. Then in the battery setting --> activity manager --> white list your sms app. This is working for me. 

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I just did what Krishna did, using the Pulse app and its working so far.  OMG thank you for that.  

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