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Office apps not working , word, PowerPoint,excel

I'm not able to launch any of the application lately, and I had tried to remove all associated apps with office and reinstalled too, still not opening.

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Tech Wizard

If u have reinstalled the application , try to clear Application Data and Cache Data once before trying.

You can also check Settings> Accounts > Office >... (3 vertical dots) >Remove account to start afresh

Check the Settings > Memory > Average memory use.
I have around 500-700MB free on my phone most of the time, about 30-40% free memory. 

I'm not facing issues with Microsoft office applications.

I have the same problem with two different Nokia 5 handsets running 7.1.2. Disappointing to read that this issue remains two months on! No idea if this is a Nokia, Android 7.1.2 or Microsoft issue. 

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