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Carbon fibre design case

Has anyone tried it? It looks very smart but it's also a lot of money for a case, and, of course, not actually carbon fibre. I've not been able to find any reviews or even establish whether the back is textured, which would be useful given the slippery nature of the phone. In photos, it looks like the textured appearance could just be printed on, but I'd like confirmation of that.

Hello adbenj

I have one of these on my Nokia 5 but I would call it more of a protective back cover than a case.

First off you have to remember that its a genuine branded accessory so its always going to cost more than any of the cheaper after market items, the back is smooth not textured and stands approx 1mm proud of the camera lens giving it that bit more protection when laid on a flat surface.

When mounted on the phone it does not protrude above the front screen but is flush with it, I find that how it has been made that the edges of the cover do give me a better grip than without it, it looks to be made of a plastic material but I wouldn't like to guess if the carbon effect is part of the moulding process or as you say "just printed on", I'll leave that for others that know to confirm for you.

Personally I knowingly bought it for the added protection it would give to the back of my phone and that a genuine product has been designed to fit better as opposed to anything else, lastly on the inside of the cover it does state that it is designed in Finland.

Hope this is of some help to you.

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Wow, thanks for such a comprehensive response! That's very helpful indeed. Are you glad you bought it?

 Hello again adbenj

Yes I'm very pleased that I did, but my reasons for getting it may well be totally different from what yours or others maybe, I wanted it for the extra added protection it provided for the rear of the phone and proud standing camera if I had wanted a higher level of protection that covered the whole of the phone I would have looked for a full body case not just the cover in question.

Depending on which Nokia you own and if you are looking for something similar in likeness to the carbon cover, only with more added protection I would recommend you look at the Rugged Impact Case, if you want more of a all round style I would suggest something along the lines of the Leather/Slim Flip Cases, all of which you can view under the Nokia accessories section, it just depends on what model you have and what your own requirements are and if you want genuine or after market.

Sorry I can't be of more help to you, its down to a personal choice which only you can answer but whichever one you choose I wish you the very best.

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