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WiFi issue

For the last 2 or 3 weeks while being connected to WiFi my connection will be fine but after a while I will be unable to load anything. I get the odd alert through sometimes while my phone is like this. The only way to temporarily fix this is too turn my phone off and on. I have to do this 3 or 4 times a day. The WiFi I am connecting to at home and work is fine on other devices.

Wifi connectivity has been an issue ever since I bought my Nokia 3 at the end of Sept 2017. Bluetooth was similarly affected, but to a lesser extent than Wifi.

I initially thought there was something wrong with my phone hardware and had it replaced bu the issue has persisted.

What works for me is to turn flight mode on and off rather than turn the whole phone on and off. Even then I need to do this several times a day, certainly more than 3 or 4 times.

Something I found out was that on booting into recovery mode and doing a system partition check, several files are reported as missing, corrupted, or replaced. This was the case on both my phones and points to extremely shoddy quality control on Nokia's part.

I've been really disappointed with my purchase of this phone. I bought it to get an indication of how good the new Nokia phones are and was going to upgrade to the Nokia 8 (or 9 if it ever sees the light of day) but having been burnt by the Nokia 3, I've decided to give Nokia a wide berth. As far as I'm concerned, HMD Global is all all talk, no substance.

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Thanks for the flight mode tip. I'm extremely disappointed with this phone especially the battery. I'm lucky to get 14 hours out of it sometimes. I'll probably go back to Sony phones
Two things happened recently that seem to have fixed the wifi issue. # while on an overseas trip, I had trouble connecting to wireless data with the local SIM card and had to reset all network settings (settings >> wireless and networks >> more... >> network settings reset). # I installed the December 1 system update I suspect the network settings reset is what fixed it, but as I hadn't used wifi until after the system update, i can't be sure whether or not that played a part as well. My wifi has been stable now for over three days (previously I was having to enable & disable flight mode several times in one day in order to use wifi).
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