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SD card problems

I have just purchased a new Nokia 8 phone. I like the phone but am having problems with the SD card. I am not new to Android phones (Have had a number of HTC phones) but cannot get the SD card to work correctly. I cannot get existing photos transfered from the cloud now on phone memory to SD card memory. I keep getting the message "Unable to move selected data because there is a problem with your storage" I thought it might have been the SD card (32gb SanDisk HD1) so I changed to a (Samsung 128gb microSDXC uhs-1 card) but still the same problem. A message at top of phone says "Samsung SD card For Transferring photos and media" I also would like to add, if I take a photo on the camera it goes to the SD card with no problems. It's only when trying to move existing photos downloaded from the cloud. Can anyone help.
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