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New user nokia 8 and android from Belgium

Hello, my name is Hans. My English writing isn't so good but i'll do my best. After years of a windows phone i just bought a nokia 8. To be honest, i miss my nokia 765.  On my nokia is installed android 8. 

Can somebody help me how to install new apps on the SD card ? I do not succeed in this. Pictures en video's works well.

As is it described in the manual it doesn't works,

Regards Hans

Hoi Hans,

greetings from Aachen to Belgium.
I'm also new to Android and a Nokia 8 coming from a Lumia 950.
As far as I know Android doesn't support installing Apps on SD cards without any tweaks.

You may need to use an app called app2sd which you can get from the play store. Not all apps allow you to move them to the SD card, which also might be why you haven't been able to get this to work. Being honest here even with the base model Nokia 8 you have 64gb of phone storage, this should be plenty of space for all the apps you need. If you have a Google account, all your photos and videos will be backed up to it if you have it setup correctly. So you can let the photos app clean up and remove any photos from your device that it has backed up to free space up.
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