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Non stop reboots and heating.

Got the phone for 3 days.It over heats during any CPU intense task.real racing 2 runs amazing for example but for 10 minutes.Multi tasking is a buttery experience but for 20-30 minutes. Even simple clicking photos rapidly causes reboots and heating. If I set the display brightnessvover 70% it reboots during simple YouTube /Amazon prime video watching. Well last but not least when it reboots .,it restarts non stop as much as 12-15 times at a stretch . I am replacing this unit today and expecting a QC passed handset without this abnormal behaviour . I tried safe mode nothing changed ,within 2 minutes it started rebooting again. Tech guy from Amazon looked real surprised when he checked the phone .I successfully re created all this anomalies. Anyone facing the same problem?Please help.
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