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Problems with Deezer audiobook app

Hi I have a problem with the deezer app. When I open the audiobook section there are no audiobooks. The problem starts 4 days ago. Before, everything was fine. (Deinstallation, Clearing cache,... Not help) The support of deezer say they have no information about the problem and no one else have this trouble) It seems that the loading of the books is blocked. Is anyone out there who use deezer with the Nokia 8? Greets Andi
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I have found the issue. A Chromeupdate ist the Problem. Without the update Deezer Audiobookapp works. With the update du get a empty Side. I dont't know where the Problem ist located. (Android 8 Common, Android 8 Nokia 8 Version, Chrome or Deezer.) But if someone have the same issue deinstal Chrome Update!
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