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Got splashed by water and now cannot open applications properly

Has any of you encoutered this issue?

I was taking pictures of my son having his swimming lessons when  he splashed water at me, making my Nokia soaked   a bit. 

After that, my nokia 6 keeps vibrating as if the home button is being pressed without me doing it... If I open an app, it would just close or put it in the background, making me unable to use it.

I had to place the unti in my rice box to absorb some moist which may be caused by the splash.. I placed it there for 2 days...and..unfortunately, same problem appears.

Can you guys share if you have encountered this and what have you done to resolve the issue.

Thank you so much.

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Hi, for older phones with removable battery that have gotten wet, I have removed the battery and put the phone on a warm dry place, here in the UK that would be an airing cupboard (this is a cupboard typically with the hot water storage tank inside it that had some space for blankets and towels etc.). A day or two in there with it powered off, might dry out the phone enough to restore normal working. If not, then suspect some electrical damage which probably means a repair is necessary. Good luck,
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