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Ringer Volumne Isse After Oreo Update

 Hi All:

I have started facing ringer volume issue after Oreo update. I have sent the ringer volume to max, however, multiple times during the day the ringer volume drops so low that you cant hear any incoming call. When i check the sound settings, I still can see that the level is set to max. The only thing that solves is phone restart.

This problem has become frequent and I have to keep restarting my phone at least 4-5 times per day and this is becoming very frustrating. I am planning to switch my phone even thought its been just one month since i got this phone.

Anybody facing any similar issues?


I forgot to mention that I have already factory reset my phone twice but it didn't solve the issue.

no issue here.
Have you checked whether events is activates so there is silent mode during calendar entries?

Thanks for the reply. I will check it now.

 I checked the do not disturb settings and there were some rules. I deleted them and thought that the issue would be solved. But after two days of testing, the issue came again. Someone please help.

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