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volume down key is not working!!

Since yesterday my phones volume down button is not working.I don't know whether its a problem of software or not.At gym i  connected one cable of a 2.1 audio system in my nokia 8.After that i am noticing this problem.Volume up button is working perfectly.Am on nokia 8 ,Oreo update ?What should i do ? 

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so this sounds like a hardware issue :-(


tried to rebuild your set-up and connected my phone via cable to a 2.1 system.
I have two player installed including Google Play Music, both work fine and volume down works.
What happens if you push the button? And what happens if you do volume up?
On lock screen nothin should be visible but if you unlock you should see some action.

Mine is showing the media volume and I can tap on it and adjust volume this way.
Does this work for you?

hii,i dont know why,but volume down is not working.the same as yours means if i pressed volume down in a locked screen ,nothing will  happen.but in an unlocked screen it shows media volume level.mine is not working if i pressed volume down key and also i cant able to take screen shot by pressing the combined keys (volume down+power) it shows power off , restart option literally means that volume down is not functional  



so this sounds like a hardware issue :-(

hmm...nyway will take care of it..thanks for your feedback :)

I have the same issue, volume button stopped working on and off until it went completely dead. Emailed Nokia who said it's probably needs a software update or return it to store. Paid £500 for this phone for work use, I can't wait 2 weeks for a store repair. Also had problems with loud speaker not working on calls.
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