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Request for Hot Swappable Memory Card and Sim Card slots on feature phones

My 1st Nokia phone was a Nokia X2-00 which is still working and one of the best features of that phone was its Memory card slot which was at the side of the phone. We didn't have to turn off the phone, remove the battery and then insert/remove a memory card. It was so convenient to use the memory card slot at the side of the phone. It would be a great feature to bring back with the upcoming feature phones.

I also have a Nokia 114 which I am currently using as a secondary device and it has a SIM 2 Slot on the side of the phone and it becomes very easy and convenient to switch Sim Cards without switching off the phone. 

These minute things can be very useful and I hope Nokia Mobile/HMD Global implements it on their upcoming feature phones. I also request you to change the Sim Slots designs. They just scratch the Sim Cards while removing and inserting them. 

I captured some images to attach to this post but later realised that the images can't be attached. :( Also add this feature to the community. :) 


I hope someone form HMD Design team reads this. :) Thank you. 

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