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Waiting for Nokia to be the perfect.

Hi guys ... I'm a huge fan of Nokia. Right from my childhood say from the introduction of 3310 I'm using it till Lumia 9500(windows). But after that have to move on Xiaomi as the features in Nokia could not match the present need. Till today say a span of 3/4 years I've been mi 4 n mi5. But a few days back could not stop my eagerness to change to Nokia 8. I'm very happy for such a flagship phone. I felt in love with that on the 1 sight. But my eagerness had gone out after started using it. 1. The call log to be improved a lot.( It's still like you are in Lumia style) I got explaination for this. If I happen to call some person named x frequently there happens to be x displayed whenever I call instead of same call history being continue for x. This is irritating for me. 2. When the photos are being imported after first start up they all together reflected in same folder instead of different folders which they are originated from. 3. As asked by one of user why there's no number displayed below the name for contact? 4. Vibrate button is missing in the Pannel. Each time we need to go to sound settings n on/off. 5. Breathing/ notification light is missing. As of now n after a week's usage I noticed these flaws n hope all these will be resolved soon. Don't think I'm a hater. I also got pros for this Nokia 8. 1.Awesome feel of phone, 2. Camera is excellent. 3. Battery is above average. 4. Quick charge is nice feature. 5. Front finger print is good option for me( after using rear mounted ones) which seems to be inappropriate. 6. Most of all ideal screen size.
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