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Not receiving 50% of SMS/Calls

I am not receiving half of the texts/calls sent to my Nokia 6 on ATT, but I can send them without issue. This started about a month ago after an update. The recent security patch did not fix the problem. I find it very frustrating that Nokia has allowed this problem to go on for a month. The phone can't do the basic features that a phone of 15 years ago could do. I do not recommend this phone to anyone reading this.

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Hi! Very sorry to hear this. If you haven't already, we would warmly encourage you to contact customer support, so they can take down all the relevant details and provide you with some initial troubleshooting steps. 


Hi similar problem for my nokia 6 also. I added ola money through ola app and the app detected otp but the message did not show up. I think this is very serious issue.

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I am not receiving most of the SMS sent to my Nokia 6, but I can send them without issue. This started about a month ago after an update of recent security patch. Due to which I am missing many of my Bank OTP message and other app SMS.

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^to the other two people

I contacted customer support and none of the proposed fixes they gave me have worked. they had me clear some caches and said download a 3rd party messaging app.....nothing worked. they also did not acknowledge that this is a current widespread problem after the new google update, instead treating it as it is "my issue". we all deserve refunds as nokia has not addressed this problem for over a month. phones that came out 15 years ago could receive SMS.....

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My Nokia 6 also has the same problem, Most of my messages are not received by by me, OTPs are automatically detected but i am unable to get it through messages.

And I am not receiving any of my Bank messages..

Any suggestions please

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Yes,,same issue,not receiving OTP ,and other text also,,its major issue,also solve network problem .

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I am sadly having the same issue and on the verge of leaving the brand once again. this just occurs randomly. sometimes it works fine. Guess this error is not reported because its not noticeable often. and also one of my friends who's having a nokia 5 faces the same problem. think the problem is with software, and I can confirm that no service provider/sim errors are there.

No good news from the customer support also. they only ask me to clear the caches and restart the device.

I'm having the same issue. I'm with at&t. Used to have a lumia 920 that was barely keeping up with the times. Decided to get Nokia 6 while waiting for Nokia 9 to come out. And what do you know. Not receiving around 50% of the messages sent to me. So freaking frustrated. I always have been a Nokia fan and had only Nokia phones all my life. For someone who's tech savvy and works in the tech field and still prefers Nokia over everything else, this is a huge blow. Feel so betrayed. It feels like the old Nokia is long gone. It's just a shadow left in its place.
I am also having the same issue....not receiving any fix for the same....very frustating

Tech Wizard

Some Google Pixel users and others are also struggling with this issue.

I suggest report it directly to Google from the Android Messages app.

Tap the three dots top right > Help and feedback > Send feedback.

It sends the log files and system configuration information to the developers.


 I am also facing the same problem. Initially I thought may be some other app is blocking these messages which is uninstalled but still the problem to address this and get the solution for the same.

As mentioned by numerous other people on this thread over and over, I am facing the same issue where I am unable to receive SMSs on my phone. I am also unable to see any patterns as I may or may not receive a personal sms, promotional sms, notification sms without any certainty.

Nokia has become so bad with their new range of phones that I have made it a point to prevent anyone I know from getting into this brand, Its sad due to the once popularity of this brand but this has what it has come down to.

Same problem here. I'm on December 2017 security patch. Most of the  OTPs and service sms are missing and if it receives, the app detects the OTP but its not showing up in message. Neither Build in Message App nor any other SMS app helped. I contacted 2 times and then I've got some positive reply -

"Sunil, I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you, as I am able to check it is a bug from the Google side in messages application. Our team is working to resolve it as soon as possible, till then I request you to kindly use any third party application for it and wait for the next update."

 Please fix as soon as possible.

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After nov monthly security update, we are facing this issue. Work around: disable and force stop the default 'messages' app and download any third party sms app ( i am using 'sms organizer' of Microsoft) and make this as a defult message app. Then in the battery setting --> activity manager --> white list your sms app. This is working for me. Plz try this..

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