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Nokia 5 Oreo Beta - Launcher3 swipe up problem

Hi there,

Just installed Android Oreo Beta on my Nokia 5 and noticed that swipe up to enter all apps on default Launcher3 doesn't work. I have to click the arrow in order to see all apps.

Anyone has the same problem?

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swipe on the desktop, not the area you are used to spend in the 7.h version, but a little higher. For clarity, you can navigate away from the center of the screen

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Got it, thanks. So stupid :)

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In Nokia 5 Oreo beta they have made a better performance in camera.i impressed in camera.

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 Same thing. Madreality's tip helps, but why did they have to change the behaviour?

Yes, I noticed this. New behaviour is pretty unintuitive – didn't manage to stumble across it before I found this thread. Have commented on it with the feedback app.

Have the same problem. I don't think it's a new feature but may be a bug. Hope soon they will fix it

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No Buddy it's alright.. In Android Nougat it only works from only icon off swipe ( ^ ) but it works any where on screen by swiping up

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So, this was actually a bug, since they fixed it now in newer update of Oreo BETA. :)

How to use Picture in picture
Me pasa igual al deslizar al menú de aplicaciones se batalla es lo único que no concuerda con lo sencillo del diseño y el software
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