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I am Facing the Display Issue with Nokia 3

From the  next day i've brought Nokia 3, i am facing the display issue. i claimed the warranty two times but its the same issue there. Can u please suggest me the solution for this...

May clarify the display issue? Please consider the following factor . 1. Yellow tinted screen. 2. Night mode effect 3. Blackout 4. Stripping effects

i'm facing Blackout problem. 

May Nokia care give a warranty repair. Yes, please try again . That's all I can suggest. Nokia 3 in normal cases won't show these problem. The one you have might be a defected Nokia 3.

As i mention in query, i went twice for warranty repair but its still the same problem. if it's defected Nokia 3 then Nokia should replace it. please give me the way to run out from this issue. 


Hi, sorry to hear this - we completely understand your frustration. Even though you've already taken it to the care center twice, it would be good if you could go to the same place again and let them know the issue hasn't been resolved despite two repairs. They will be able to take the necessary steps to ensure you can enjoy a working phone. 

We hope your issue gets resolved soon! 


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