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Apps still closing in the background - nokia 5

Hopeful that this issue will be fix in oreo beta but the issue still exist. Sad user here.

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Hi! This kind of feedback is really valuable to us. To make sure we can make the best use of it we warmly encourage you to report it via the Feedback App on your phone. 

Happy testing! 

Yes, I was very disappointed to find that the issue is still in the Oreo Beta. It's a major issue that affects the day to day use of the handset, I can't understand how HMD haven't identified it and fixed it yet, especially considering memory management worked in 7.1.1.

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Yes Bro this issue is not solved and my apps in nokia 5 is still kill in background Very Bad Nokia

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Yep, I can confirm that this issue still exists in beta version. In this version is behaviour a bit better though. As well as a problem with receiving SMS messages. This serious issie is not fixed yet. Pls Nokia, fix both before final release.

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After updating to Oreo beta, my password manager, Keepass started to work ok. It does not shut down in background anymore. :)
Restart it ..the problem will solve ...but hope they solve this problem as fast as possible in future..
After 3 days of using Oreo V5.160 the background apps bug has returned for me. It's not keeping any apps in memory again :-(.

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My apps keep shutting down abruptly.. Facebook Xwatch WhatsApp Mobile banking application. E.t.c Please Nokia do something about it.. battery life is terrible. And the device temperature gets to high when you use it for about 30mins stretch. Camera ain't nice gain after the 8.0 upgrade..
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