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Oreo Beta

Oreo beta update is available for Nokia 5. Does anyone Registered and using it...

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Hi, I am one of it . As far from what I see. 1. There is No brick phone issue ( but the installation will need some time.) 2. Improved speed. 3. New camera UI I am still using it without any problems. Except... Where is PIP feature!!! Sad. Anyway this is beta, I hope we can get PIP mode soon.

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Even YouTube is not working in PIP feature. We will get it soon I think...

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PIP mode looks good, it's available only for few apps, but the worse part is camera issue. it's look low image quality, it's no more good quality or detail like previous 7.1.2

Niranjan Kumar, PIP feature for Youtbe is only available for the Youtube Red Users (which is a paid subscription and only available in 5 countries).

Enter the from chrome,request desktop site, maximize video and press home button. There you go with pip and youtube. Gmaps works only in navigation mode. Pip is there and very interesting.

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I need Oreo beta
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