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low camera performance after oreo beta update

after update my device with oreo 8.0 beta the camera UI totally changed, it's good. but main problem, image quality is too poor. low picture detailing. it's really irritating........ need urgent solution

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Same here. Everyone should report this issue using the feedback app.

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Hi! Thanks for your valuable comments! To make sure all of your feedback gets properly recorded and processed, please always send it via the Feedback App on your phone. 

Happy testing! 


we need urgent solution for camera,

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I gave about 7-8 feedbacks on camera..the recent camera app is almost a copied version of Google camera..why Nokia doesn't go with the UI like the Lumia camera..

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This issue must be immediately report,hate it why i buy this phone.I should have buy mia1

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About 20 feedback sent to the developer when it was on beta..even twitted juho sarvikas for the problem..still no solution.. google camera works fine btw.. portrait camera is also good..

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The PIP feature is not working even after i have enabled it. And the launcher keeps on stopping. Nokia fix it soon !!
I love camera apps and photo quality during nougat. Please bring back Nokia camera not google camera...

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