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Android O for Nokia 8 in the UK

I just bought a Nokia 8 TA-1012 (sim free) on the understanding from several review sites that Android O was now available for this phone in the UK.  I've applied the various security patches but there is no Android O upgrade.  When will this be available in the UK?

Android Areo update has been outside November for Nokia 8 as that's when I received mine. Try connecting to WiFi make sure not a metered connection then try software update again.
No, still nothing. I even tried removing the sim. Still on 7.1.1.
Read about it online that in UK could also do with what mobile network your own. My partner on ee and myself 02 both have Nokia phones. I know it's a pain but maybe reset it with one of them some cards in if you can then hopefully should start downloading the Oreo update when you do the start up process. Don't know about other networks or networks that run off them. Worth a try
I have a Nokia 8 sim free & still have not received the update. I thought sim free phones were supposed to be first? I'm in the UK also. Cannot get a response from Nokia via Twitter or the support app. It's strange.
Mine and partners n8 are both simfree from carphone warehouse both got the update and both on different networks . If I can find a solution for you both I'll let you know
I had Oreo on my returned Nokia 8. The Nokia 8 I have now is still waiting for Oreo. I set up this one without my BT sim card in and let it update to 7.1.1 then put my sim card in. I'm wondering now if this could be the reason I'm not getting Oreo and maybe a reset could be needed. I did ask Nokia about this but 30 minutes later no reply

I've received an email from Nokia support asking for IMEI number so they can send me a manual update.  I'll let you know how that works out.

Good luck with that they are useless

I suspect you are right about that, I've just received another email from Nokia support telling me that I'll get the Android O update when I get it and they have closed the call. 

Not got Oreo yet but downloading December patch using opera vpn with SIM card out. Using German server
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