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Oreo feature requests

I know HMD wants to keep the OS stock and we're unlikely to see any of these anytime soon, but perhaps one day, they'll relax their outlook. When that day comes, and trying to keep it realistic, what features would you like to see? Mine:

  • The ability to turn off adaptive icons.
  • Nougat-style power notification controls to enable/disable peeking.
  • System-level audio settings – EQ, bass booster, etc.
  • Ability to manually enable dark theme for the notification panel (I know Android 8.1 automatically enables the dark theme for dark home screen wallpapers, but it would be nice to have the ability to turn it on and off manually, especially given complaints from people on 8.1 that the wallpaper-based approach creates inconsistency across the system).

Most of these are just features that Google removed from Nougat for no good reason, but how awesome would it be if HMD put them back, otherwise maintaining stock Android and giving Nokia users the very best version of Android available?

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Oh yes and also bring back that behaviour I liked so much in jelly bean. That would be cool. And that other thing from ice cream sandwich... Sorry, I'm just kidding of course. My point is, stock android is a good thing. System level equaliser I really don't care about. If anything that deep, a better camera and ozo recording is more important to me. Nokia should focus on that imo. Many things (enough things at least) can be solved with applications from the store I think.

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