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Very bad experience so far

Initial set up experience was awful..

updated failed to install,  3 times through a reboot cycle and the phone was finally useable,  but still wasnt on Oreo.. 

Reran the install again, and Orea loaded.

main issues,

All home screen customisations gone.. eg..folders etc..

Mobile Data refuses to turn on.

Home button and Overview button no longer functional.

When you swipe down to see the control panel,  the gear wheel for settings doesn't work,  neither does the down arrow to expand the control panel. 

All my contacts were gone..

This is my first experience of an Android O/S update since switching from iPhone a month or two ago..

This is the first time since I switched that i've wondered if I did the right thing..

Hopefully fixes for the above issues will be forthcoming soon.. if not sooner.. 

It hasn't installed properly. You shouldn't be having these problems. Contact customer support.

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Oh my, good morning, let's bring out this 1. Factory Reset 2. Reregister beta program 3. Install beta again. Do mind that factory reset could do a fix

Thanks both, I just chatted to the support team as adbenj suggested..
they've suggested the Rollback from the Beta program, then retry the Beta.. 

I'll give that all a go..  hopefully just a one off glitch.. 
thanks for the replies though..  i'll let you know how it goes.

Sure, we will see how things progress . We willing to help.
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