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Sluggish performance

Rather than making things run more smoothly, my phone has felt very, very sluggish since updating to the Oreo beta. Start-up time isn't noticeably quicker either. Anyone else?

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You can give feedback to Nokia . Let them fix this in the official Oreo release. This just a beta . But so far my phone works better and with faster boot speed. Unfortunately there are some lags when I try to restore old deleted games data such as clash royale and clash of clans. But now everything runs smoothly. I can play the game as well now.

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Sure, I was just wanted to know what other people's experiences were :)

 My experience is the same. Much more laggy than Nougat was, generally.

Same same
Same here.

Trying to use "Ok Google" seems like a particular pain point. Takes 30 seconds or more sometimes before it unwinds itself enough to listen to anything else I say, and even then it sometimes just doesn't bother. And the animating microphone/dots run at about 0.5fps while it's thinking about it.

The phone is working abit faster, but is it only my phone. But it's over heat's every time I start chatting or playing games. Why ?? It's really killing my hands

The secret for me at the moment seems to be "Avoid Android Auto". If I use that, it doesn't start up properly (which I think is a known bug in Oreo generally), and even when I kill it my phone is pretty much unusable until I reboot it. If I don't go anywhere near Android Auto, things are generally working acceptably well.

Same here... Verry slow performance... Apps starting up slow... Phone blockes... Ik hope they solve this... Already sent feedback
Honestly I don't have any performance issues... Facebook is the only app that seems to be slow in opening and using it and the rest of the apps and system is fine.
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