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Update is always late.

Why Nokia 6 is getting late updates whether it is security or new software build? All the other phones are getting the priority of first update but Nokia 6.

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Hi. Updates will become available when HMD finishes the software and test it on the device. Don't know where did you get the priority line.
Nokia 3 & Nokia 5, both the devices get faster update than Nokia 6. Even Mi A1 gets faster update .
Well, brace yourself , Nokia 5 Oreo beta is working ok on my device. Only a few glitches was found . You better sweep the junk , clean the unwanted apps on your Nokia 6 and getting ready. As i can tell you that 90% of feature is working so far on beta of Nokia 5. Official Oreo will come to Nokia 5 and it is Nokia 6's turn to go beta soon. Few days more.
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