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Old-school Nokia games

I hope Nokia and HMD will bring back old-school Nokia games for Nokia 3310 3G like City/Tower Bloxx, Bounce, and others since it can play java games already. Instead of preinstalling it with trial-only games.

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However, if you want a game, you can write on google "game_name.jar" for ex. "Bounce.jar" and download it on your nokia 3310. When the download is complete, you have only to select it, and start the installation.

oh, sweet school days! I saw the old games here - and I nearly cried from nostalgia! I remember searching for Bounce codes, back in the days when I only had really slow Edge on my phone. I tried playing it on an iPhone once, and it's a disaster  

Hey you! game for you click download on the free java and apk nokia. :)

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