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Haven't received the Oreo Beta update

Hi So I signed up for beta labs and was told that the update will arrive within 12 hours, it's been 2 days now and nothing has arrived, I also haven't received any updates from September. I think it will be much easier if updates are sent through a pc software or directly to the phone and not to the carrier's

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Better wait for official Oreo as the beta is only for evaluation and testing purposes . The performance is not really reflect the final result of the official update. Just live with pure emotion. When it come it will arrive to you. Hope you had received your oreo beta now.

Same here. I registered my interest in the Oreo beta on Tuesday afternoon, it's now Thursday evening and still nothing. I have been in contact with Customer Support but they're not really very helpful on the matter.

I also signed up for the Beta and have received no notification for the update. Nokia Support is useless. My phone no longer receives any updates. I also won't be able to partake in the Beta it seems.
me too


Hi all! Thanks for letting us know. We'll have to look into what might be causing this and appreciate your patience while we do so. 


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Haven't received mine, either...signed up days ago...

Hi - just to say I've received my Oreo update now, but I had to go into Settings/System to find it manually, it didn't notify me of an update or do it automatically. Thanks.

Hi all, so finally just recieved the update, I was gone mad pressing the "Check for updates" everyday  and finally today it's here

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First of all , congratulation for finally get the Oreo beta. But first I do believe you at least should do these things first before you do the updates 1. Clear your unwanted apps I mean you think which is less used recently 2. Restore your launcher to the default launcher. 3. Restore your wallpaper to original Nokia wallpaper . 4. Clear some apps caches. Backup your data. 5.finally update, Good luck. The procedure above also ensure the reducing of apps and system configuration during update. The lesser the stuff on your phone the lesser problem and smoother your update will be. Do check up some thread of Oreo beta issues first before you updates.
Hard Reset is a compulsory skill you should LEARN before you are doing the updates. Um my Nokia 5 goes to beta very smooth I hope yours one will success as well. Or you may opt to just wait the official Oreo. Good luck. The time taken vary from phones. The simpler your phone , the easier for the Oreo to configure your Nokia 5.
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