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Still waiting for Oreo update

Oreo update announced for Nokia 8 at November 24. December 14, 3 weeks have passed since the announcement and I still don't have my update popup. I will not accept "factory reset" as an answer. From Portugal model ta-1004.

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A couple of days ago, I received Oreo notification update for my nokia8 (Italy): I decided to update later, because battery was too low and no WiFi available. After a restarting, I don't have Oreo notification anymore. Contacted Nokia Support: they don't have an answers: remove sim, delete cache. I read a solution in an other post, using Nord VPN (Finlandia server), giving payment solutions. Is there any other solutions to get Oreo notification? Thanks

forget about official answer on this forum. all support channels (phone, chat, mail) will say that you have to wait. even if official press releases says that Oreo was released 3 weeks ago and should arrive to all devices in 2 days.

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Me too, Italy here with ta-1004 model, still no Oreo update notification.
Still waiting for my TA-1012 SIM free UK Nokia 8 to be updated. Maybe I'll send this back and wait for the Nokia 8 (2018) model to be launched!

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