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Nokia 3 charging only when switched off

My Nokia 3 phone is only 4 months old and its now charging only when switched off.

I have tried factory reset, phone OS upgraded to 7.1.1 & also with various USB cables but no use.

I wish i had never bought this phone with a passion i had before for Nokia....


Hi! Sorry to hear it. Have you taken it to a care canter yet? You can use our care center locator to find one near you. 

Hope you find a solution soon!

Hi, I had same problem, it's appear after I connect my phone to work PC with third party USB cable, PC don't seen my phone, and phone is not charge, phone screen and buttons stop responding, and I reboot phone with shortcut (volume up + power) and after that I can't charge phone until I go to bootloader and choose restart to bootloader, then after a while, I restart phone one more time, and now it's work. Hope it was program error and it would be repaired on next updates.
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