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What I miss about my Samsung and Stock(?) Android frustrations.

I bought Nokia partly because of it's traditional reputation for producing high quality product and partly because it was stock Android. It was my belief that the plain cut down version without manufacturer bloatware was a good thing.

However there are some real frustrations too......

No 1. I want TWO call buttons on my dialler screen. I don't want to dial a number and then be asked which SIM to use - just give me TWO BUTTONS. I'm not interested in setting a default.\

No.2 I miss swipe to call but I can live without it.

No. 3 Why, oh why can't I zoom on the SMS message app without changing the system font size. Sometimes I read messages in non roman characters and want to quickly magnify and then go back. On Samsung I could do this with either the volume keys or by pinching.  I've tried different SMS apps but I just can't do it.  This in itself will make by next phone a Samsung if a can't find a way to do it on Nokia 6,

Under the accessibility settings, there's a 'triple tap to zoom' option.

Thanks adbenj,

I was aware of that feature but I disabled it because it kept activating when I didn't want it to.

Also I didn't like having to scroll the screen.

I just want to scroll the screen.

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