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Nokia 8 - Half of display died

Just an issue I think you should be aware of Nokia, I bought a Nokia 8 in August (Australian variant) and about two weeks ago half of the display died in a vertical orientation (the right half). Not sure if anyone else has had the same issue, but it's obviously a hardware issue as when I stopped using it for a while it would start working again.

I've put it in for a warrant repair, but am yet to get it back. Not sure if it is a random one off thing or whether it may be a fault in the design of the the display cable.


Hi! Thanks for letting us know and sorry to hear that this happened to you. We hope you get it repaired soon, and get to enjoy your new Nokia 8 without any hiccups soon! 


hi, I bought my Nokia 8 on November 2017 (united arab emirates), after a month has display dead and replaced under warranty, just 2 week back(now its 16 feb 2018) i noticed that the right half of the screen (vertical orientation) is always showing colorful dot during the boot only and after its working normally. Didn't do anything yet, might send to repair again since i still have the warranty.

I'm having this issue for the third time now. It's long beyond a joke. Both the previous times it's been repaired under warranty (which means shipping from the UK to Hungary and being without the phone for over a week) and have had new digitizers fitted both times. Issues exactly as you describe bit in my case it was the left hand side of the screen which failed. The first time eventually the whole screen died while I tried to copy data and factory reset. @Nokia can you comment please, is this a known / common fault?
When they sent mine away for repair, they replaced the PCB-A board on the phone along with the display.. I haven't had any issues since

Today, exactly the same thing happened to my Nokia 8. The right half of the screen is gray static. I bought my phone on January 4th 2018, so it's not even been 10 weeks. I was happy with my phone so far, but reading user1517576619805 comment about it happening for the third time, is making me quite anxious.

@Nokia: this doesn't seem to be an incident.

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