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RAM Management

 Apps running in the background are really horrible, once again RAM Management is failed.

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The OS itself consumes 800-900 MB of memory on it's own. In addition come the Google standard memory hogs as well, and the user ends up with 400-500 MB of usable memory, which is not much.

If the devs could do some optimization on these parts, it would be really cool. Before the upgrade the usable memory was around 600-700 MB with the same apps running in the background, for reference.

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Hey guys can anyone tell me the issue of app kill in background is in android 7.1.1 or only in 7.1.2 only

If I can recall it was in both versions, if you mean the problem when all background apps re-load no matter what.

And if I might add, the memory issue is worse than it was, now the android system itself consumes 0.90-0.95 GB of RAM, leaving a mere 300-400 MB free to use.

If I knew that a basic android OS requires desktop like RAM sizes... A smartphone OS eating ~ 1 GB + 0.5 GB of RAM out of 1.8 Total RAM is unacceptable.

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