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Why does it take longer than 24 hours to ship a security patch?

Since the Nokia devices are using stock Android I expect security patches to be available on these phones as soon as they are released by Google.

Now it's ten days after the December patch has been released and I still can't install it on my Nokia 5. Why is that?

I'm a software developer. I have some knowledge about the technical side of smartphones. But I can't figure out why it is such a problem to deliver security patches to stock Android devices in time. Please explain it to me.

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Hi! We've written an FAQ about how software updates and security patches are delivered to your phone, and why it can sometimes take a little longer for some. 


"Google’s Security Patches are released monthly and depend on the hardware in your phone.

As these releases have specific hardware dependencies, we will need to ensure your phone is fully supported before we can test and release those to the operator. Once the quality has been assured, the Security Patch will be delivered to your phone. Due to this, the Security Patches are dependent upon your device model, operator and also your location."

This process was also explained in a recent Tweet by our Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas, which can be read here.

Hope this clarifies things!


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