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Beta Nokia 6

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Why do not we get a beta on Nokia 6?

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Watch this space - it's coming. :)

 When i registered for Oreo Beta for Nokia 6, it was mentioned that the phone should currently be on the below builds:




However, the build on my phone reads "00A0_3_700_SP01"

Could anyone let me know if the Oreo Beta would be available for my phone?

Look forward to hearing from someone.

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In my opinion, you should not have promised updates on all devices. Now you're receiving flak over broken promises. It would have been better if you had you not let us wait for so long and still receiving nothing.

HI Anna, MY nokia 6 TA 1021 didnt receive DEC security patch yet.. its already been received by other models. is there any reason? 

I'm disappointed when i cant receive beta update for TA 1021 eventhough my phone was validated upon registration.  I have NOKIA 8 too. there was no flaw during oreo update.. why it was promised for all nokia 6 devices will receive beta update?

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Hi! user1513640813603 I think you are eligible because my build no is like yours and my validation is ok
I opted for the beta update but didn't get it. Waiting for a lomg time. My build number is V3.72A

 Thank you everyone for your comments, I got an OTA today which included the December security patch. I believed after this my issue would be resolved and i would be on one of the build eligible for oreo beta, however, after the update, my build was changed to 72B and the one required is 72A.

I am not sure what is the issue and it would be helpful if someone could share an explanation for the same.

Hi! I have a Nokia 6 TA-1021 with December security patch (build 00WW_3_72A_SP01). I enrolled in Beta Labs more than 12 hours ago and until now I didn't receive the Oreo Beta OTA.

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Got December patch, it's been more than 12 hour I m still waiting for Oreo OTA

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I recieved december security patch successfully but not getting oreo beta till now why my model no. is ta 1021

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I got oreo beta update just now...may i know if it is safe to download now and install since it is beta test...may i know the purpose of this beta test?
It is safe but there may be some bugs. The purpose of beta test is to provide bug free stable update.

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