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Battery Issue

After installing Oreo 8 Beta Version, Battery getting drained soon & lot. Any solution for this?

And Lock Option is not available in screen itself. Is it possible to add the same in new Update.

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Hi! To make sure we can make the best use of your valuable feedback, please always send it to us via the Feedback App on your phone. 

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I have a good idea, go setting , Apps and notification. Find the apps list . Force stop some apps draining the power. You can go Setting , Battery, under the battery saver you will see background apps option. Toggle the apps to stop it from running in the background.

Sorry, but stopping processes, and preventing them from running the background is not a solution, but a workaround. If they didn't drain the battery before, they shouldn't drain it on the latest OS version either.

And yes, the biggest enemy of the android phones are the APPS themselves. What point is there in a smartphone if you have to constantly troubleshoot issues, check logs, disable stuff, uninstall, clear cache, and stuff like that.

Sometimes I feel like I'm still in the office doing support duty, but for myself. Not good.

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