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My Camera is showing error and dismiss

I Just bought my camera nokia 8 on November ... But today when i open my camera it's showing " Camera error" the only option is dismiss . So i shut it off again and it became okay again... But I can't help not to worry ... I love my nokia 8 . But this this things bothers me . Why it shows like that . Hopefully to find some answers here

Keep an eye on it, although I've not seen this happen myself, the camera app is a little buggy and I have had it crash occasionally so maybe I would put it down to this. I believe Nokia are working on some improvements to camera app, which it desperately needs.
bought nokia 8 few weeks back from Elisa shop, Finland, using camera (rear with options ever since), now tried front camera and got cameran error (in finnish kalemerravirhe ei yhteyttä kameraan). android 8.0.0 . whats wrong?
Gleichen Problem bei mir, das ist wirklich nervig wenn ist Kamera-App nicht mehr öffnet. Da muss dringend ein Update zur Verfügung gestellt werden.
I remember such problems caused by other apps keeping access to camera in background, so that camera app can not use it. I would suggest to disable camera permission for nearly all of the apps until you don't get the error again. After that step-by-step enable camera permissions again until you identify the app causing trouble.
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