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Roll Back to 7.1.1

Anyone can tell me how to roll back android oreo to android 7.1.1 ? Please tell me if anyone know

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The site where you sign-up for the beta also has the rollback information. 

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But when i request to roll back my android version gone to android 7.1.1 or7.1.2?

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Do read the below post once -

I think it will roll back to Nougat 7.1.2 as the latest version of Nougat is required to download the Oreo Beta Preview testing. Do have a backup during the roll back as the data will be wiped.

How to roll back 7.1.2 to 7.1.1

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This was requested by a few users, no official response yet. Do search for the topic in this forum to get more posts on same topic.

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Is there any solution for apps kill in background?

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Well, Android is supposed to have apps open in background for quicker switching and is designed to function this way. Many advise against using Task killer applications on Android. 

There are ways to kill the tasks in the background. IF an application is constantly running and draining lot of battery, u can use the below 'Background activity manager' method. I always have memory usage of 70% of the Memory / RAM. The OS is optimised to some extent to automatically free memory.

Background activity manager

You can choose which applications you want to allow to run in the background. Like setting the Mail application to continuously run in background and notify you as soon as u get a mail. Else you will get the mail / notification updates only after opening the application manually.

It surely is a good way to stop applications sucking battery and checking for mail/ updates if you have limited mobile data.

Also, Check Settings > Battery > Battery Activity Manager > 'Application' should be added in Whitelist (So it can run in the Background). 

PS :I noticed that after each application is updated, It is automatically added to Whitelist !!

No you are in misunderstanding i like to say that my aaps is close in background . How to solve it? The background activity manager mathod is not working

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Add the application to Whitelist , a few applications will remain open in the background. It depends on the application size. As I mentioned OS is optimised to free memory in background , it could be clearing the background applications.

@Nishanth You have misunderstood. This is a major problem which has been well documented on these forums, and over at XDA. Unfortunately there is a bug in the Nokia 5 software which causes apps in the background to close, even if there is enough memory available (the Nokia 5 does not behave as stock android should). The only temporary fix is to reboot the handset, but the problem re-occurs after several hours of use, no apps are retained in the background, even those apps which have only just been switched from the foreground. Battery optimisation or other memory optimisation apps do not fix the problem. The problem appears to have been introduced in 7.1.2, as no users were complaining about it until then.

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Stopped using my Nokia 5 until it becomes a "normal" phone again. It hangs to much, it freezes, there are apps that won't oppen!!! HMD is not doing a good job on this phone. It's been more than a month and problems just got worst

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