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Has Anyone Received December Security Patch Update

Hi, Support told me last night that the December Security Patch Update for Nokia 8 is now available in some regions and I doubt that. Has anyone received the Update?

No sign of it for me here in the UK, my phone is sim free so any updates shouldn't be held up by any network operators.
Nope. Still on November patch and no Oreo. Got the SIM free phone and only way to get Oreo is to use a vpn
Ok @user1507208628483 I doubted it when support said its available to some regions because I was unable to receive it even when connected to VPN
@GEMINI75 serious? Use VPN and download the Oreo.. I received the Oreo stable version the day it was announced in Nigeria but anxiously waiting for the December Security Patch update...
Yeah seriously
@GEMINI75 why not use VPN to download it?
@conqueror I did with my nokia 8 which I had to return due to a fault in it but I found in a couple of days of downloading Oreo using the trick to remove SIM card clear Google services etc etc that my SIM card would not allow me to send texts and the service number had screwed up and would not change so BT sent a new SIM card. I did try it again with my new Nokia 8 but found it strange because when I put my SIM in during the Oreo download that it killed the download and then Oreo isn't available

I haven't, living in Belgium

I'm sure it goes by build numbers as Nokia have stated this a few times and that's why the release of Oreo is staggered due to overload on there server

  Just got the December OTA update here in the Netherlands.

Nokia are a joke getting

 Joke? HMD is doing a great job! Quick Oreo update, monthly updates!

Love it haha.

I can confirm, I'm downloading the December patch atm
Sorry I forgot, in Germany
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