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Equalizer not working

I bought a new Nokia 8 and immediately updated to Oreo. I love listening a lot of music and the equalizer settings are very important for me. One thing I noticed is that the equalizer is not consistently functional. Sometimes it's going off and not able to turn on again. So I tried many other equalizers. Some are not working at all and all of them are inconsistent. Is this my problem alone or someone else also facing this. Also I have to mention that the headset supplied with the phone is horrible and I had to buy a new quality headset. Overall the music is far better than my Galaxy s6

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I have previously used Equaliser FX. It doesn't work with Android Oreo, therefore it doesn't work on my Nokia 8.

I guess I am the only one with equalizer issues. I tried contacting the customer support and the solution they provided didn't solve the issue. Again good hardware..terrible software. Bye bye Nokia..
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