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French reseller for 3310 3G Quad-band [ TA-1036 ]


I cannot find a reseller in France which solds the Nokia 3310 3G Single Sim TA-1036 (the only model equipped with Quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 and network connection 3G band 1,2,5,8 => world wide compatibility)

Even nor does not sell it. sells only the dual band (single sim) model.Etc.
I want to buy my 3310 in France so as to keep the benefits of purchase warranty.
Some idea ?

Thanks a lot.

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Hi Gilles

I had a similar problem in the UK.  I tried visiting several mobile phone shops, I tried e-mailing several major UK on-line retailers, none could help. I even persuaded several shops to get out all their stock (inc Dixons at LHR Airport) so we could check the TA numbers on the box.  I also tried e-mailing Nokia (HMD) - but no response.

In fact as far as the UK retailers were concerned there was only one Nokia 3310 3G.  Whereas in fact there are three different versions that I know of, but only one (TA-1036) that is Quad Band.

I wanted this for a Ski-Trip to Japan in late Jan.

In the end, largely out of frustration in late Dec I took a chance and purchased via e-bay from a supplier in the USA, (had to pay shipping and import duty obviously), but it was the only way I could get hold of one.  Much to my surprise it arrived quickly, during the first week of Jan, (not typical of buying from USA via eBay).

It worked fine in Japan (and obviously also the UK) by the way.

So I'm afraid I haven't been able to answer your question directly, but if you are prepared to wait for at least a week or two, an international eBay seller is an option.  I would search for TA-1306 Unlocked, then look for a seller with a good feedback rating using the "Global Shipping Programme" - at least that way you know what the total cost will be.

[You will need to ask your network provider for a "Micro SIM" to go in it, if you do not already have one in this size for it (the standard size in my old Nokia 6150 was too big).]

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards


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